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Should you tell this person prior to meeting them that you use cosmetic tape to keep the jowls on your face from hanging too low? There is plenty of time to divulge your whole life story.

If I had told my husband abut all my issues, prior to our first date- I am pretty sure that he would NOT BE MY HUSBAND RIGHT NOW. And often times the things we think define us- don’t really define us at all- rather they are just our perspective and/or insecurities shaping our perceptions of ourselves and everyone deserves to FIRST meet you and draw their own conclusions. Still feel this overwhelming desire to unleash all that you think a prospective partner needs to hear?

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Yes it is true, I hoard stuffed animals, and if you visited my humble abode you’d see stuffed animals perched precariously throughout on rocking chairs and tucked into every conceivable nook and cranny.

Did I mention this fact, about my propensity to collect stuffed animals to my-then husband prior to our first date.

NO– and when he came to my apartment to pick me up- he got a great visual.

So you are in the dating pool- and you meet a guy online and he seems really nice.

You talk on the phone a couple of times- and exchange polite and witty banter.

You decide it is time to take it to the next level and meet in person.

You haven’t been on a date in a really long time and the panic starts to set in.

You wonder if perhaps you should’ve used a picture for your profile that wasn’t 10 years old.

You rack your brain, trying to remember the specifics of your life story that you shared with this person.

But you are both adults, and we all tend to fudge over the not-so-pretty parts of our pasts and present the very best versions of ourselves during these initial encounters. Is it really the best idea to tell this man, prior to meeting him that you never graduated from college?

You’ve held a job as a white collar worker- – so for all intents and purposes you are educated-but you don’t have that PIECE of paper aka a diploma.