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Telstra actually contacted him about a week ago to say that there was high activity on his account, specifically that he had used over 25GB of data over a 3 day period.

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Thanks Oxygen8 seems to be a spammer and a Premium SMS provider, amongst many other things.I would call Telstra, dispute the bill a number of times, and if you can't get any satisfaction, definitely contact the TIO, and soon: A total bill of over 00 is unbelievable. You can call them directly here: Call our Australian sales team : +61 (02)9438 6301.Email: [email protected] https:// Thanks for that kungfutiger.Member Enquiries To enquire about a purchase made through Qwibble please submit a ticket using the form below.Hi All, I was charged .25 for six calls all on the one day at the very same time that I didnt make.

I have never heard of this mob until I checked my phone bill and found these THIRD PARTY calls.

Can some one throw some light on this matter as I didnt make the calls.

I am taking this up with telstra but would like some input from those of you who have heard of this before.

Thanks Hi There, I just started browsing the forums here hoping for some information about the same company.

My husband has just received a bill from Telstra which includes over ,500 of mobile data charged by Oxygen8 Comms.

I'm wondering how many other people are in the same situation?