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It is easy to send a private message to other members, but that's really the extent of your communication options.

It would be nice to see other features, such as instant messaging or web cam chat included, but these things aren't always completely necessary.

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These can be accessed through the site itself and everything is presented in a very easily navigable way.

While this isn't something that we think should be a deal breaker, it does add a bit of extra value to a subscription if you are looking for this sort of thing.

Subscriptions are also fairly reasonably priced - especially if you go for one of the longer term options.

One Night Stand Date is an adult dating site crossed with a social networking site that can be used to find a one night stand anywhere in the world.

You could be forgiven for thinking it looks very much like popular social networking site My Space, but unfortunately it doesn't have all the useful features that make My Space so popular, However, it has a decent enough design and some interesting bits and pieces to hold your attention for a little while.

Creating a profile on One Night Stand Date is quite a long, drawn out affair, but if you take the time to fill everything out we think you will have a much better chance of getting someone to contact you.As we mentioned, a profile looks a lot like a My Space profile with different sections for different things.However, we think some of these are probably a bit irrelevant for an adult dating site and we can't see many people using them.One of these is the music sharing box which can be used to share your favourite tunes with other members.While this works fine on My Space with all its unsigned musicians we aren't so sure it will be needed on an adult dating site.You are fairly limited in your options for contacting someone that takes your fancy on One Night Stand Date.