Advantage to updating fas 13

use and it is quite a sought after lens across the globe.

This lens has attracted quite a substantial controversy over the years as it is often being compared to Pentax Fa* or A* 85mm f1.4 or Da 70mm f2.4 limited.

Sure this is not as limited as it sounds in terms of quantity produced.

There are many great protrait photographers like Scott Rylance (Geelong Australia), Darren (Pro Canadian in Taiwan) owning this lens and I know they are really busy to put up a review.

Please offer your criticism and point out my mistakes without hesitance.

There are two colour finish: silver and black Black colour is often preferred rather than silver as its re-sell value is higher on ebay.

Silver colour is often regarded as more resistant to "paint loss". It does not look odd to me having a silver lens on a black k10d body. Definitely sharp wide open, little difference in resolution with increasing aperture.

Focal length 77mm Max aperture f/1.8 Filter size 49mm Mounts Pentax K SMC-FA Weight 270g Dimensions 48mm x 64mm Angle of view 32 Min aperture f/22 Focusing type AF Minimum focus 70cm Filter size 49mm Stabilised No Blades 9 Elements 7 Groups 6 Mounts Pentax K SMC-FA All metal construction. Sharpness extends to the edge equally even wide open.

Contrary to the common belief, polycarbonate is more thermally stable than metal so the metal consutrction is not really an advantage to Fa 77 ltd compared to other Fa plastic contruction. One of the fantastic thing about pentax limited is this edge sharpness superior to other brands.

Its AF accuracy is superb in deed but it does hunt a little in low light. In fact, the sharpness is never the reason why I use pentax lenses.

It is the colour, bokeh and overall impact that pentax lenses render on the final images printed out on papers that makes me do the switch.

My personal experience of owning this lens tells me that fa77 ltd suffers lack of details and softening of images in harsh lighting with colour temperature 5000K; Fa 77 ltd works the best in ambient lighting as it does enhance image colour so much more that it gives vividness and prosperity to the final images - I call it the touch of pentax baptism hehe The common criticism of this lens is the bokeh CA, usually a problem with background highlights.

Otherwise its bokeh is just impeccable against other lenes unless macro lenses are to be included in the comparison.