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We can modify any one of our motors to better meet your requirements.

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These can be either mechanical or electrical modifications to the coil, such as custom windings, different tapped hole locations for mountings, dual mounts (tapped holes on the side and tapped holes in the top of the coil bar), high-pot testing for higher than standard 340vdc bus voltage, or custom mechanical modification to the magnet MPM664-623 is a custom MPM motor, 66mm frame, 4 stack length.Some motors may be proprietary to the machine builder.Contact the machine builder for specifics on the custom motor.If needing to get a motor repaired, you may contact your local Parker Automation Technology Center distributor or the machine builder for repair RMAs.(You can tell if it's a BE23 versus a SM23 motor based upon the winding letter.The BE uses the D, F, G, H, K, L, J windings.) If it's a non-standard winding, it will be an X (ie, CM233XE would be a custom motor with non-standard winding).

If it's a non-standard feedback, it would be an X (ie, CM233AX would be a custom SM233 motor with A winding and non-standard feedback).Similar to the above format with the frame, stack length, winding, feedback and 6digit incremental number (begins at 200000).ie, CMP0922R41-200827 is a custom MPP, 92mm frame, 2 stack length, 41 resolver.Newer custom MPM motors begin with MPC, such as MPC1422B-115713 would be a custom MPM, 142mm frame, 2 stack length, B winding.For more information: General information on servo motors.Examples of what kind of custom motors Compumotor has made before.