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We have 143,030 registered users (57,924 power users). It has nothing to do with anime or even the site, but we decided we wanted to do something with you guys! We will be watching E3 on Baka BT's Cy Tube channel.We are tracking 17,420 torrents of which only 1 is unseeded. You don't need to register for it so it's all good and chill.We currently service 289,484 peers (2,349 anonymous). Between conferences we will probably put on some chill music, so nothing Sash likes, rest assured!

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B-but wait, I don't know the times of the conferences! It will show the PTD time for the conferences and then translate it to your timezone. Last February we held a contest for designing a new icon set for our torrent categories.

Considering our requirements were quite high, not as many participants applied as we hoped.

However, we did get several quality submissions to choose from.

The winning icon set we chose was designed by Mistgun_Zero.

So congratulations, and thank you for your patience and hard work these past months.

We spent quite a bit of time tweaking the original submission to get an even better result.

And I'll also take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in the contest.

Thanks to the coding efforts of brunoais, all tracker avatars will now be hosted securely on Baka SHOTS.

You can still use external hosts if you prefer, but only if they support HTTPS.

As far as the user interface is concerned, nothing has changed.

Upload your avatar to any imagehost of your choosing, and if they offer only http links you will be notified that your avatar will be stored on Baka SHOTS instead.