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There is so much to love about the show – good science fiction, great characters, Jim Henson creations, and most of all, the incredibly interesting relationship between John Crichton, the human astronaut thrown into a strange world of living ships, alien cultures, and extreme vulnerability, and Aeryn Sun, the Sebacean Peacekeeper born into a society in which emotional attachment, empathy, and respect for ‘lesser species’ are strongly discouraged.

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I wanted to start this article, “John Crichton and River Tam walk into a bar, followed by creepy scientists wearing blue gloves and a weird guy with a brain-torture chair.

River looks at John and says, ‘They just want me for my brains,’ to which John replies, ‘Hey, me too!

We should start a support group for brilliant characters who have mad science problems. See, I’m really good with numbers …’ Then, River says, ‘I’ll be president. John Crichton looks, by our standards, like an alpha male.

Because I can kill you with my brain.’ And John says, ‘Sounds fair,’ and they proceed to commiserate about Reavers and Scorpius, and mad, mad space science.” But … He’s fit and muscular, has a gun he’s named Winona, and embodies a spirit of adventure and exploration.

then I realized that I was basically writing fanfiction and stopped there. After all, he was blasted into his new life via wormhole while test piloting a spacecraft he mostly designed himself.

Alpha John is, however, thrown into a world where he is more than just a fish out of water – he is initially unable to communicate, physically weaker, and seen to be of little to no value by those who eventually become his friends and lover.

In this situation, he is forced to fall back on his intelligence as his chief survival mechanism.

Time and time again, it is John’s intelligence that saves him and the living ship Moya’s crew as he learns how to live in an alien society.

John is immediately attracted to Aeryn Sun, but she has very little use for him until he begins to prove his worth as a crew member aboard Moya.

Aeryn is Sebacean, an alien race hinted in the show to be a genetically modified human offshoot.

At the beginning of the show, she is a member of the Peacekeepers, a military that hires itself out for protection and not only discourages, but actively forbids emotional attachment.