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However we were both a little shy about starting out to pray together, or read the bible together and so on. Overall, I felt this book was very non-threatening, and a good way to accomplish the goal we were trying to meet.

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However we were both a little shy about starting out to pray together, or read the bible together and so on. Anyway, for any couple that feels they are ready to explore their individual spirituality with each other, this is a great way to start.My favorite part about this devotional was that each of us can do our devotionals on our own (which is great when you're not married/living together and can't necessarily nail down a time to be together every day of the week with work and school to balance) and then at the end of the week, we can discuss it together.This gives you time to really explore how you feel about the week, where you are spiritually, and where you'd like to be.Proverbs We all cherish the milestones and special events in the course of married life: the wedding and honeymoon, the birth of children, the twenty‐fifth and fiftieth wedding anniversaries, the kids’ high school and college graduations. • Do you think we have lived from one big event to the next—or have we tried to make ordinary days special, too?These are occasions to celebrate with hugs, photographs, and congratulations all around. to hold hands with your mate in church as you sing praises to our glorious God. • How can we help each other savor everyday moments?

But don’t forget to savor the everyday moments that make up the rest of our days. to exchange knowing glances with your partner as you rake leaves in the yard or share a cup of coffee . When you review the mental scrapbook of images from your marriage, we hope it is filled with happy memories of the “big moments” you’ve shared together. • Do our lives demonstrate to others that each moment is a gift from God?Think about what it means to wake up in the morning next to someone you love and to begin the day with a kiss . But also be sure to include snapshots of those joyful, everyday events that make each day of marriage something special. Father, we find Your love in the simple joys around us—a bird’s song or a smile from our mate, blue skies or the laughter of children.Thank You for health and for Your unfailing abundance. May we never live like paupers when You have made us so rich. I like this book and recommend it as a starting place. Also I come from a more full-faith background while he is more consertive; this book has walked a nice middle ground.My boyfreind and I are both strong adult christians with a view towards marriag and family. My girlfriend and I were trying to find a book that would just help us get in the habit of doing devotions together and praying together, and for the most part, this book did the trick.We attend church and consider God a foundation to us. While some of the topics covered will seem old-hat to people that have been raised Christian or been Christian for years, they sometimes serve as a nice "refresher course" - something every Christian needs now and then.