Chace crawford and taylor momsen dating 2016

Although Chace Crawford started as a movie actor, his first debut on Television in 2007 appeared to be a major springboard to the success of his career.

One of the most discussed partner that Chace Crawford had in Gossip girl was Jenny, played by Taylor Momsen.Some rumors say that Taylor Momsen and Chace Crawford had something going on between them when the cameras were off (they were caught kissing).That escalated quickly mainly because there is a 9 year difference between Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen, and Taylor was only 14 at that time.Chace Crawford on Gossip girl was popular not only because of his looks and adventures with females, but also because of his characters friendship with other lead in the TV series Chuck Bass, portrayed by Ed Westwick.Nate and Chuck were best friends and they always stood up for each other no matter what.

Apparently their bond was strong not only on the TV set, but Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford appeared to be pals in the real life too.Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick were even mistaken for a couple, because they were always seen together and even lived in the same apartment while they were in NYC.Though, these rumors were soon denied as Ed stated: “We’re two lads who are really good friends, but we’re as straight as they come”.Chace Crawfords time in Gossip girl was a great beginning and well used career opportunity. In the meantime while Chace Crawford and gossips are in the past, this great actor won dozen Teen Choice Awards as a TV drama actor.Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen were spotted sneaking outside during their holiday party at Haven on East 51st Street to make out, reports Page Six. Taylor Momsen started her career as an actress some long time ago, while she was just a baby.