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Now that you've done that, don't tell her how much you want to get to know her, show her by talking to her and really listening to what she is saying.Its obvious that you dont really know eachother that well, so the only thing you can do is become friends before you can become something more (kind of ironic right? name = Really Neat Widget description = Provides a really neat widget for your site's = 7.x package = Views dependencies[] = views:views dependencies[] = panels:panels files[] = tests/configure = admin/config/content/example The file should have the same name as the .module file and reside in the same directory.A semi-colon [;] placed at the beginning of a line makes that line a comment, and that line will not be parsed.For example, if your module is named example.module then your file should be named Note: Whenever you create or change your file, you will need to clear your site's cache for your changes to take effect.

Since module names are proper names, it should be capitalized as a proper name (e.g., "Really Neat Widget", not "really neat widget" or "Really neat widget"), and it should be a human-readable name (not really_neat_widget).

If your module name includes an acronym (CSS, WYSIWYG, UI, etc.) or a third-party trade name (j Query, Java Script), of course follow the standard capitalization for those.

A short, preferably one-line description that will tell the administrator what this module does on the module administration page.

This is useful when the online documentation is better than the readme file and when you want to read about a module before switching it on.

Remember, overly long descriptions can make this page difficult to work with, so please try to be concise.

Descriptions can contain links to documentation and sources.