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The police and fire departments, food services, barracks and housing will all fall under the Naval Station.

NAVSTA Great Lakes is staffed with 403 civilian positions and 198 military billets (10 officer/188 enlisted).

These positions were reassigned from existing assets of NTC Great Lakes. The largest military installation in Illinois and the largest training center in the Navy, the base includes 1,153 buildings on 1,628 acres and uses 50 miles of roadway to provide access to the Center's facilities.

From NTC's founding in 1911, it has maintained its position as the Navy's largest training facility.

From World War I through today it has trained and sent to the fleet more than two million new sailors through its Recruit Training Command and nearly an equal number from its technical schools.

Theodore Roosevelt signed the act authorizing the construction of the station and directed the Navy to make Great Lakes the biggest and the best Naval Training Station in the world. Ross raised the flag on the site July 1, 1905, and took possession of the land for the government. Ross Field and Auditorium on mainside are named in his honor.

Great Lakes Naval Recruit Training Command (RTC) in Illinois is the central processing location for Naval recruits.

Approximately 50,000 recruits pass through Great Lakes RTC annually with an estimated 15,000 recruits onboard the installation at any time and is the third largest base in the Navy.

Great Lakes Service School Command (SSC) is the central training location for Naval enlisted students.

Students at SSC either arrive directly from RTC or are returning from the fleet for further training.

While new recruits are onboard RTC approximately nine weeks for basic training, SSC students will be onboard SSC from two weeks to 14 months, depending on the curriculum.

To improve training efficiency and better align base operating functions, the Navy established Naval Station Great Lakes (NAVSTA) as a shore activity reporting to Commander Naval Training Center Great Lakes (CNTC), effective 01 October 2001.

The reorganization removes the day-to-day base operation management responsibilities from CNTC, allowing the Admiral and his staff to provide greater emphasis on their primary mission: improving the efficiency and efficacy of the training provided at Great Lakes.

The new Naval Station Great Lakes will oversee daily operations on base.