Cornwall dating agency

Are you living in Cornwall and looking for a way of meeting a new partner?If so, Matchmakers Dating is a successful personal introductions agency that has clients in Cornwall and the South West. With Matchmakers Dating you will be personally interviewed before we prepare a professionally written profile about you and the one you would like to meet.

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In recent times internet based dating has been severely criticised and the recent exposure of malpractice on the BBC’s Panorama programme and for many months in the Financial Times, where miss selling of memberships, online dating fraud running at record levels of over £30 million per annum, fake profiles potentially running into millions in the UK alone and the buying and selling of highly confidential and private information and photographs of members, without their permission or even knowledge, means that it is now something to be avoided at all cost by many people, which means that our highly personalised and professional service is well placed to fill the gap.

So we’re very happy to help and Cornwall is one of our strongest areas nationally in terms of members.

All our clients are single, they are often higher net worth, from a professional, business or academic background.

They range in age from 30’s right up to to active retirement years and are genuinely looking for a new partner.

Between them our matchmakers have many years experience of helping create happy couples, opening the right doors and creating the opportunities for you to meet the right person.

If you think this might be what you are looking for please call us on 08 for more information.Alternatively you can email us at [email protected] We look forward to speaking to you.We are a very well established dating and introductions agency, having been around since 2005 and now have access to one of the largest data bases of clients across the UK.We’d like to think we have a modern outlook and feel we are perhaps a little racier than some of the very traditional agencies.However to give you peace of mind, if anything goes wrong, we are recommended members of the Dating Agency Association.They are the only truly independent dating body in the country, who represent the interests of clients only and are happy to mediate on any issues that may arise from time to time.