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The Snorkeling House specialises in tours with a distinctly eco-conscious approach.

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Whether it was fishing, snorkelling or surfing, his connection with the sea has always been strong.You will enjoy conversing and laughing with Fernando as his easy-going nature and extensive knowledge of the sea makes his tours fun, informative and memorable.More than 500 species of fish inhabit the waters along this stretch of coast.Besides running Snorkeling House, Fernando also designs gardens, showing off the natural splendour of tropical vegetation at its very best.Fernando spends his time with the local Bri Bri Indians teaching, as well as learning about the medicinal value of plants, surfing and helping with Miss Edith’s, the family restaurant, from where he launches his tours.

Eco tourism is a valuable source of income to the communities living in Cahuita and surrounding area.

Making visitors aware of the problems as well as the advantages that can be derived from tourism is one of the aims local proprietors like Fernando have set themselves.

Cahuita is a relaxed seaside town in Costa Rica with excellent beaches and stunning coastline.

The Cahuita National Park is just on the doorstep and Fernando is delighted he can show visitors some of his country’s finest flora and fauna during his adventure tours into the park.

North of Cahuita’s town centre is a gorgeous black-sand beach, reminiscent of Costa Rica’s volcanic origins.

To the south of the town lies the Cahuita National Park.