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As of 17 March 2015 no more additions will be made to this case law pack.New decision summaries will now only be published, initially, as a news item and then in the yearly summaries. Care needs 3.1 So severely disabled physically or mentally 3.2 Cooking test (Preparing a cooked main meal) 3.2.1 Definition of test 3.2.2 Effect of disability 3.2.3 Meaning of main meal 3.2.4 Use of oven, microwave and other adaptations 3.3 Attention in connection with bodily functions 3.3.1 Direct attention 3.3.2 Domestic tasks 3.3.3 Indirect attention 3.3.4 Meaning of bodily function 3.3.5 Meaning of frequent, prolonged and repeated 3.3.6 Meaning of night 3.3.7 Meaning of significant 3.4 Supervision to avoid substantial danger 3.4.1 Falls 3.4.2 Meaning of continual 3.4.3 Meaning of danger 3.4.4 Meaning of supervision 3.5 Terminal Illness 4.If you wish to find a particular decision on our website you can use our search facility. Mobility Needs 4.1 Benefiting from enhanced locomotion 4.2 Lower rate mobility component 4.3 Higher rate mobility component 4.3.1 Unable to walk 4.3.2 Virtually unable to walk 4.3.3 Danger to health 4.3.4 Deaf and Blind 4.3.5 Severe Mental Impairment and Severe Behavioural Problems 5.

If you have not used this pack before please go to the introduction first. Other Issues 6.1 Aids and Adaptations 6.2 Awards 6.3 Children 6.4 DLA beyond age 65 6.5 Evidence 6.6 Exporting DLA/AA abroad 6.7 Prison 6.8 Refusing treatment 6.9 Religious or cultural beliefs 6.10 Residential Care 6.11 Special rules This is a regularly updated digest of summaries of past case law and commissioners decisions related to adjudication issues.A FULLER SUMMARY OF EACH DECISION IS USUALLY AVAILABLE BY SEARCHING FOR THE DECISION NUMBER ON THIS WEBSITE. You can search this web page in internet explorer by selecting "Find" from the "Edit" menu.Should you need to get hold of a copy of any of the decisions described in this pack please see our Factsheet F19 - finding the law.You may also wish to download the other digests of case law on our website at When an appeal is first lodged with the Upper Tribunal in England and Wales it is given a reference number in the form CDLA/234/2010, where: ‘C' indicates the decision is unreported; the initials following indicate the benefit claimed (in this case disability living allowance); the first set of numbers is a specific reference for the case and 2010 is the year that the appeal was lodged.Since 3 November 2008 social security commissioners' decisions are known as decisions of the Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber). The decision will keep this reference unless it is published on the Tribunals Service website or is reported.

Scottish decisions are identified with an S, for example CSDLA/121/97.If a decision is thought to be of importance it is published on the Tribunals Service website.The decision then acquires a reference such as for example KS v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (JSA) [2009] UKUT 122 (AAC) Decisions published on the website carry no more legal weight than any other decision.If a decision goes on to be reported, an additional reference is added.In this instance it becomes KS v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (JSA) [2009] UKUT 122 (AAC) [2010] AACR 3.The reference [2010] AACR 3 indicates it was the third decision reported in the Administrative Appeals Chamber Reports of 2010.