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A woman who surprises her partner by informing him she met another guy and fell in love isn’t being emotionally honest, because she was looking and failed to be truthful about how she was feeling about their relationship.

She trashed his feelings rather than tell him she wasn’t satisfied with their relationship and wanted to date.

But what does that look like to women, and what’s their perception of that man?There’s an enormous difference between a man being emotional, and a man being emotionally honest.The image suggested in some men’s comments — of a guy sobbing out his pain to a woman and being rebuked for his effort — is anathema to me.The common denominator for most of the men’s comments was fear.My goal is to allay that fear and encourage men to stretch beyond their relationship boundaries.

Some men vigorously protested that emotional honesty with a woman is suicidal, and that one of two things would surely occur.First, that the relationship would instantly become a friendship and love would be out the window.Second, that women don’t respect men who are emotionally honest.The truth is: there are few, if any, successful relationships in which emotional honesty doesn’t play a significant role.The goal is for men to break through their existing relationship barriers and create a deeper dialogue.This pushes a lot of folks past their comfort zone, but that’s how emotional growth is achieved.“I like you. I’ll call you,” after a first date isn’t emotionally honest if you don’t mean it, and no one’s feelings are spared when the truth is spared.