Dating goddess

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My husband of nearly 20 years left me in April ’03 and I started dating 18 months later.

Generally, I have had a great time meeting interesting men, some of whom became romantic beaus, some became treasured friends, and some I never heard from again.

In the beginning, I had dates with single male colleagues, but I quickly found Internet dating was the way to explore the most “inventory” and qualify men who I thought might be a good match. I am not one of those well-preserved, gorgeous, marathon-running middle-aged women.

I have been told I am attractive, but I am overweight and not a gym rat.

So while I am active, I do not match the description 90% of men’s profiles say they want: slender, athletic, toned, fit.

I have some wrinkles — what one sweet suitor mistakenly called dimples.

I have what Bridget Jones called “wobbly bits,” as most non-surgically enhanced middle-aged women do.