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Teenagers are often aware of their challenges and how others perceive them.

But if your teen shows signs like these frequently, you might want to talk about it with him. Is Awkward About Physical Contact At home: Your teen often shies away from hugs.At school: Your teen refuses to go to school dances and is insecure about dating.The issue: Teens with sensory processing issues can have trouble gauging personal space.They might also be unsure about touching (and being touched by) others.Has Difficulty Staying Focused At home: Your child struggles to stay on task with chores.

At school: Your teen has trouble paying attention in class and struggles to organize thoughts when writing school papers.The issue: It can be exhausting for kids with sensory processing issues to filter information. Has Trouble Dealing With Change At home: Your teen doesn’t want to go on family outings and is irritated by shifts in routine.At school: Your teen gets flustered by a new homeroom location or lunch period.The issue: Sensory processing issues can make teens overly sensitive to their surroundings.Adjusting to a new location or schedule can be hard.Seems Lethargic At home: Getting your teen out of bed in the morning feels impossible.