Dating simon patrick luthiers rosewood

Here's my opinion on the Simon & Patrick Showcase Rosewood.

- It is possible to equip this guitar with a mic / piezo / preamp system sensor, and a cutaway. The overall finish of the instrument is good, with a glossy varnish on the body, and a satin finish on the neck and head.The varnish is quite thin and suggests some pores of the wood (including rosewood which takes a little more than spruce).The guitar comes with a handy carrying case light, and protects very well the differences in temperature and humidity that can occur when changing place, by turning on heating in winter, etc..The only fault I find it is very slightly abrasive aspect of interior fabrics, which tend to score a bit where the handle rests in the suitcase (3rd box in the center of the handle).Just to avoid any problem of having a cotton swab or soft tissue in this area to avoid abrasion of the coating stick.

Otherwise, no complaints about the features of this guitar. UTILIZATION I'm playing guitar for over twenty years now, but I've always played on electric guitars.

It is thus my first acquisition of an acoustic guitar (shame on me!

I really regret not being there made me much much sooner! Therefore, I consider myself a novice in this field, and should be considered in my remarks because I am a young guitarist 10 months of age, with knowledge of the field of acoustic guitar proportional to its age which still needs much progress fingerpicking, and pulls the hair on partitions Tommy Emmanuel! We are dealing with a dreadnought shape quite traditional, so it is a fairly large and deep guitar with a round of 14 non-cash boxes, round and round in a homogeneous profile.

Some find it difficult to play, for my part, I do not ask me: I hang the guitar and I play it, period.

However, I find it comfortable and enjoyable, but to each his own.

I still put a damper to the original setting on my guitar.