Dating someone with sleep apnea

Has anyone ever mentioned that during sleep you snore loudly and have completely silent pauses followed by choking or gasping?

This temporary cessation in breathing is usually caused by a crowded or narrow airway passage at the back of the tongue that may be blocked by extra fatty tissue in the throat, enlarged tonsils or adenoids and even a larger than average tongue.

A soft palate and/or angular jaw line are also contributing factors.

Signs and symptoms of sleep apnea may include: In the body, sleep apnea reduces blood oxygen levels and raises carbon dioxide levels depriving the vital organs of oxygenated blood and putting tremendous stress on the lungs, heart, brain and immune system.

With each gasp to restart breathing the person awakens causing sleep deprivation.

There are two predominant reasons why sleep apnea may be related to weight gain.

Firstly, during an episode the body releases adrenaline to restart breathing.A spike of adrenaline in the body triggers carbohydrate metabolism that results in an increase of blood glucose levels.In response to high blood glucose the body releases the hormone insulin that causes the sugar to be stored as body fat.In this situation instead of the body burning body fat for energy while it sleeps, it is continually making more.This is likely the reason that weight gain is one of the symptoms of sleep apnea and also explains why sleep apnea has been independently linked to insulin resistance.Secondly, sleep apnea is related to weight gain because it causes a lack of sleep.