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November 2011: Six months after Contact, Clark modifies the Superman costume to better suit his needs, and begins using more advanced technology.

As an energy storm tears through space, it nearly destroys the Russian Defense Platform and it's occupants, but they are saved by Superman.

Lex request that Sam Lane begin treating Superman like a threat and take full military response.

Lex and Clark meet for the first time in months, where Clark reveals he knows about the Guardian Platforms. Clark and Oliver stop a group of crooks, as Chloe and Lois discover a ship landing on Earth during the storm.

Lex Luthor learns through MRI that his mind has been enhanced by the Nuerotoxin, and once again sees Tess.

Clark scans in space for any debris from the storm and finds none, while also revealing he has gained Gamma and Infrared Vision.

At a Luthor Corp press conferenece, Lois begins questioning an annoyed Lex on his whereabouts during his dissapearence and Tess's murder.

Clark meets Lois at a Lex Corp press conference and tells her they cannot prove Lex's involvement just yet.

After criticising the Justice League and labelling them failures, Lex announces the Guardian Platforms, as well as the man who will bring them into Orbit, Hank Henshaw.

October 2017: Clark and Lois both still work at the Daily Planet but are now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office.

Clark meets his past self in an elevator and asks him to save Lois from a helicopter crash while he needs to save Metropolis from a nuclear disaster.

(Source episode: Homecoming) 2018: Chloe concludes her reading of the comic book, and as she departs from the boy’s room receives a call from Lois at the Daily Planet.

Lois thanks her for the something blue that she needed as she approaches the office of Perry White.

James Olsen stops her and tells her that that is a bad idea, after she charges him to get better pictures of Superman, she tells him that he has his brother's big shoes to fill, but that she knows he can do it.