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Identify an Opportunity I’m single and after trying the online dating thing I quickly ascertained two things: – The paid online dating market is very saturated – The free online dating market is also saturated but with sites that are clunky, difficult to use, so littered with ads they’re nearly unusable, and bombarded with useless features I saw an opening and I took it: I knew I could build something better in a very short period of time with almost no overhead.

The beauty of this iss that if this site isn’t successful there’s no layoffs, burned VC funding, and I’m ultimately not contributing to another dot-com crash.

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I didn’t put them in any particular order or attempt to categorize things, I just wrote them down as they came to me.

This is a great tactic for just getting it all out there, save making sense of it for later.

Generate ideas from your competition I didn’t want to lock the feature list into only my ideas, so I went and signed up for nearly a dozen online dating websites and got a feel for how most of them work. Stupid You know those collars for dogs that issue an electrical shock every time they start barking?

was bought by Just Say Hi (another dating site) in 2007.

Just Say Hi’s infrastructure runs on Ruby on Rails, and as such Mingle2 was eventually ported over to that framework as well.

For those curious what the original Mingle2 was like, I’ve preserved the original Cake PHP version of Mingle2 here: this be a testament to Web 2.0 and the effectiveness of rapid development frameworks: I built a full-featured dating website, from concept to launch, in 66.5 hours.

In a typical 9-5 job this would amount to about a week and a half.

Deliverables included: The Idea - Cooking up a brand with a name, identity, and purpose Planning - Creating functional specifications, visual wireframes, and information architecture Design - Creating mock-ups and defining aesthetics, typography, positioning, and color Development - Writing the actual code Testing – Ironing out the kinks Launch - Going live I didn’t do this in 66.5 hours, mind you, these are actual hours I spent working on the website.

I have a day job that keeps me pretty busy so I could only work on this during my evenings and weekends.

I started keeping a log after the first couple of days because I realized how quickly everything was coming along and I was curious how much time it would take me to finish.

This is a guide providing tips and tactics I employed to develop this website in such a short amount of time.