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In both Haarlem and Amsterdam was spring fait, it always amazes me how they can set up the attractions on such small city squares specially in Amsterdam, and they make a weird contradiction with the historic buildings around it.

It is only 20 minutes by train from Haarlem to Amsterdam.

And then 10 minutes to Zaandam so that makes it worthwhile to visit them all in one day.

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I went to pick up some things and enjoy the terraces that are all over the place, watching street artists and enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Life lessons learned while sitting on the touristic Leidseplein for the first time in my life: a soft drink costs 3.20 euro. Any other non touristic place it will cost only 2.25 or at the most 2.60 euro.

After my brief stay in Amsterdam and running some errands I went back on the train again to Zaandam, The view of the Intell Hotel there always amazes me.

Largely a dormitory suburb of Amstedam, the modern town of ZAANDAM is not especially alluring, though it does deserve a brief stop.

The town was a popular tourist hangout in the nineteenth century, when it was known as “La Chine d’Hollande” for the faintly oriental appearance of its windmills, canals and row upon row of brightly painted houses.

Monet spent some time here in the 1870s and, despite being under constant police surveillance as a suspected spy, went on to immortalize the place in a series of paintings.I needed some stuff and the best cities to shop in my area are Haarlem, Amsterdam and Zaandam.Haarlem because of its wonderful city centre, historical buildings and it is never too crowded.A walk through the city centre offers lots of nice views down little streets, on ancients facades and luscious patios.And the shops in the centre are a great mixture of what you need and what you dream of.Like the hammam shop Ottomania for example, a place to dream about mysterious steamy baths with the smell of roses and sandalwood and the touch of fine quality linen.