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Additionally, we may use Cookies in the web search services we provide to you.These Cookies collect and store information about your search activity when you use our web search servic...Conduit is a toolbar monetization platform for software publishers.

Publishers can bundle these toolbars with their software programs or provide access to download them separately through Desktop Dating. Once installed, the toolbar modifies the browser's home page and search settings in order to redirect searches through the Conduit portal (which utilizes Bing or Yahoo! Each publisher enters into a 'Publisher Agreement' with Conduit which defines the revenue structure, known as the 'incentive amount', to be paid each calendar month in which the user has an active toolbar installed.Typically payout is based on the geographic origin of the user and ranges from for a US user per month to just a few cents for other countries. Well, it's not malware or even spyware, however it changes the browser’s search provider in order to display, but if you read the EULA that is mentioned and presumably agreed on when installing.Users should decide if you need the functionality the toolbar has to offer.Desktop Dating Toolbar is a Conduit toolbar (Community Our Toolbar) for Intenet Explorer and Firefox.The toolbar collects and stores information about your web browsing habits and sends this information to Conduit so they can suggest services or provide advertising via the toolbar.

It will attempt to change your home page and search provider if you are not careful during installation and provides a search box and various other generic features.If the home page and search settings were modified by this toolbar, they need to be manually reverted back by the user if the user decides to uninstall the toolbar.It also may automatically download and install updates without notifying the user.From the EULA: The Application may also collect and store information about your web browsing locally on your device.This locally saved information may interact with the Application and send us information about your web browsing so we can suggest services or provide you ads that may be more relevant to you.Only generalized inferences are passed from the Application to our servers."As part of the functionality available on the Application, we may offer you search features provided by us and/or other third parties.