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Russian citizens need a renewed sense of national identity that embraces the variety of ethnic and religious groups in the Federation.The population of Russia was 142,905,200 as per the preliminary results of the 2010 Census.

The roots of such a complex national question lie in the historical legacy of the Tsarist Empire and the USSR.

Since the times of Ivan the Terrible, Russia was not a mono-ethnic and Orthodox state.

Yuri Pivovarov, in a recent interview to Novaya Gazeta, declared that Russian nationalism in the Empire was always comparatively weak and derivative.

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The ethnic composition of the Russian Federation has always been very complex and diverse.

Yet, a ‘race crime tsunami’ hit Russia in the past few years.

Riots, murders and widespread racist sentiments hinder the efforts of the authorities to fulfill some of the main objectives of the country.

The government has recently increased legal punishments for crimes related to racism and xenophobia but this might not be the most effective solution.