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Rift between Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez – Good friends Toni and Mariel had broken off their friendly relations.

While it was unknown what went wrong between the two, there were a number of rumors that have been circulating.

Rumor has it that Robin Padilla caused the spat between the two.

This came at the time when Robin was spending more time with Mariel rather than the shooting of their movie.Whether the rumors were true or not, or if one was felt betrayed definitely their friendship will take time to heal.The efforts of Toni not to make public the cause of their spat was a brave thing to do.It only shows that the bond made between the two is worth keeping and that time will tell when friendship be rekindled.Before the fight Angelica and Claudine were like sisters they even tweeted on July 24, and that Claudine attached a picture of them both.

However, all had changed on August 4 and it made Claudine’s twitter followers puzzled with the numerous angry messages to an unidentified person.Maricel Soriano accused by her maids of maltreating them – you really can’t believe that a vowed Christian who beats up maids.May Cachuel, 22 and Joy Agojado, 18, were maltreated by Maricel Soriano.The two were detained by the guards at Rockwell - where Maricel lives.Since Maricel Soriano has history of beating maids.Those who apply being a maid at Maricel’s house should be careful and attentive enough.