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Has it really been well over a year since the last time I delved into the world of fake NES games based on movies and TV shows?

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Instead you get lots of pachinko games, and a dating sim set in an alternate universe because sure, why not? Can a videogame teach you valuable life lessons, like that sticking to a strict moral code will often make others dislike you or that pizza is a balm for all human ills?Maybe that's what this NES Evangelion game could be. Maybe, if you built it around a choose-your-own-adventure style of gameplay.This being Daria, however, all responses would just be sarcastic put-downs."Turn to page 61 to insinuate that a schoolmate is an idiot," but, you know, a NES cart instead of a book.Of course, the real question here is would a Silence of the Lambs game have you playing as Clarice Starling or Hannibal Lecter?

If only there had been a NES game based on the movie - I'd have loved to have seen someone attempt to justify a game where you play as a cannibalistic serial killer against Nintendo's content guidelines.

No, Clarice would have been the more likely playable character, and I can imagine a games developer completely missing the point and turning The Silence of the Lambs into an action game.

Clarice jumps from platform to platform, collecting lambs for points and avoiding the deadly moths and falling bottles of lotion until you reach the final confrontation with giant Jame Gumb who fires sewing needles out of his eyes.

You might be thinking "that fake Twin Peaks title screen sure does remind me of Super Mario Bros.

3," and that's hardly surprising considering I "borrowed" the curtains from Nintendo's platforming masterpiece.

It's more than that, though, and if you look at the SMB3 title screen you might notice that it does actually bear some resemblance to Twin Peaks' Red Room - the black-and-white patterned floor, the red drapes, the two Italian men kicking a turtle shell about.