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They usually don't give the Thai girls for the Nearbuy offer. Even inside demand is high, if you are willing the spend the money Ya squared gives a good proper B2 B.Top access was allowed and it was really nice to feel her beautiful body while she was all sweating and moist.

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Will continue my pursuit for Dolly / jeevita but not at surge price and request fellow brother to do same. But need to respect the emotions and sentiments of other side too.

As I see a report on jeevita with damage 4 k for 1st.

Member who shared me her contact said going rate s 4 k for 2st. Raj Dear fellas, Lot of PMs for the digits and reference.

After reading through couple of FR, couple of weeks back went to the much spoken Ayur spa in kora signal. My regular chik also not available as she has her sister visiting, so, finally visited UA, ORR.

Was expecting some typical Kerala type massage and the langot of Kerala style. Expected a Mallu girl and was disappointed with a local girl, but she was fair. The massage started and good part was with hot oil and a bit of pretty decent massage, without request she pulled out the dispo and gave a decent bum massage. Can some one PM me BS SPA details with good therapist for B2B with the damage. As I've not taken appointment so have to manage with available therapist.

Later she herself popped up the question of HJ, touching allowed from outside. Last week I had been to the spa near CPK in PM Nagar. Payed 1500 at the counter and miss three letter KXX was the therapist. Luckily sanjay (regular visitor to this place would know who I'm referring to) was available for 30 minutes.The massage was good with 2 sessions of HJ & up and down access touching. Don't have her pic but a punter here told me she is good!! On another note I'm getting into Blr tonight so if any of you gents can help me with an outcall inde I would be obliged. Went in to room and asked her to start massage from front.Total damage 1.5 k + 1.5 k for 2 session HJ and up and down touching access. No response yet from Muskan Leela SPs Arpita and Raj. Hi guys, Can anyone confirm if Shwetha from Hebbal, number ending 1614 is a transgender or not? I know her from her days in sj pura days so no problem with expectation.I think I saw some reviews long time back but not sure if it's about this same lady. She gave nice massage and pulled the dispo for extra which was nice. However, it turned out that both of them were over booked hence surge in pricing or cancelled appointment. Her figure is good with tight big ass along with tight medium shaped boobs. Thank you fellow isgian's for sharing jeevita and Dolly no.