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The parent did not want to be identified because he did not want his daughter to suffer any repercussions from users of the anonymous local bulletin board or her classmates.“About a week ago, the individuals stopped actually posting the pictures,” said the parent.“What they’re doing is they’re using it as a way to connect with each other and then probably, most likely, exchanging them by email or text.” Whether the photos were “reported” to Streetchat or removed by the anonymous posters is unknown.

While getting specific user information from sites such as Streetchat, which allows for anonymity, is time consuming and arduous, Officer Joseph Race said that if a complaint were received, the department would pursue it.He confirmed that the local department has sought arrest warrants for threatening remarks posted on Facebook, Snapchat, oo Voo, as well as other social media.These arrests fall under the criminal statue of breach of peace, disorderly conduct or threatening. There is a lot of money to be made in this and there is totally no risk. Nude photographs of Madison girls posted on Streetchat, a new social networking app, are being traded like “electronic baseball cards,” according to a concerned Madison parent.

So many photos were being posted and reposted under Daniel Hand High School (DHHS) that one anonymous user left the message, “Pornkemon the new trading card game.” “Who has sex pics of hand” “Send me nudies hehehehehehehe” “This is the most beastly app ever made.” “Anyone got either of the _______? ” “Is anyone willing to share the profit with someone who doesn’t have any?

” “As soon as we get a handle on how the app works and what it takes to block it (on school grounds) another one comes out,” said DHHS Principal Anthony R. “And they prove even harder to block during the school day.” Streetchat is a local anonymous message board that utilizes geolocation of the users.

From the Daniel Hand High School location, post after anonymous post offered and requested photos of specific Madison teen girls — some freshmen even, including first and last names. “From what we’re hearing in some cases there’s some superimposing,” said Salutari.

“Guys if you have any girls like even random ones that you know no one else has? “Where they might have the head shot of someone, but then are putting different body parts of other people.” There is no way at this point to see the photos.

The concerned Madison parent, with a daughter at Daniel Hand High School, brought the site to the attention of the Shore Line Times.

He saw photos on his teen’s i Pad and recognized the girls.