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If you are in the lonely position of holding on to save your marriage while your spouse says it’s over, then there is a good chance you’re wanting some help.

But, you’re feeling frustrated with your desire to get help while your spouse doesn’t want to participate.

There are times when you’re alone and you feel desperately lonely, and there are times you are thankful to be alone so you can fall apart without your spouse knowing it.

And then there are times when your spouse is near and yet the loneliness you feel grips your heart so tight you find it difficult to even breathe. Because I was the only one holding on, four different times.

I heard those words of rejection and I felt that gripping loneliness as I watched my world fall apart.

Each time I faced the fact that my wife was ready to end our marriage and move on with someone else.

And each time I was challenged with the thought, “do I fight or do I give up?

” It was through those four times and over the period of twenty years that I slowly learned how to fight for my marriage the right way.Eventually, we were able to see the grace of God bring complete healing and restoration in our marriage.And now it is through our own experience and the truths that the Lord has taught us that we are able to minister hope to hurting marriages even in the most desperate situations.If you’re the only one trying to hold on to your marriage you need to know you’re not alone and there are a number of ministry options available to help you.If you will allow the Lord to walk you through this trial and this season in your life, He promises He will make it work for your good.Which means no matter what happens, God will help you grow from this as long as you give Him your complete surrender.