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Although it sounds a bit like an Oxbridge entry exam question, the clues are in the English names … More than that, they are the moths that use the Ash as a foodstuff.

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It expired on August 29th with only around 16,000 signatures, well below the 100,000 needed for debate.

The petition said: “In the UK it has been said that we are down to just 2% of our total land space covered by ancient woodland which is widely regarded as one of our most important wildlife habitats yet it’s still under threat.

If landowners don’t protect this land they should be made to sell it to someone who will.

Ancient woodland is an important store of seeds and invertebrates needed for potential rewildling & flood prevention as described by George Monbiot & the Woodland Trust in their various campaigns.

While saplings have been planted in offsetting schemes, these young trees take a long time to reach maturity and the ability to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that mature trees in ancient woodland can.

It also requires a lot of work for these plantations to reach the same conservation value.”“Woodland cover in England is at its highest level since the 14th century.

The National Planning Policy Framework provides strong protection for ancient woodlands.

Our ancient woodlands are highly valued and cherished, and are a resource rich in life, providing homes and food for animals, birds and insects.

They store carbon, produce oxygen and filter out pollution; they also provide some of the most interesting places for us to enjoy.

We know that ancient woodlands are an irreplaceable habitat, which is why we recognise their special status in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), which was last updated in 2012.

Since the Second World War, great efforts have been made to restore and actively manage our ancient woodlands.