How validating parsers use xml schema namespace

by Deepak Vohra 09/15/2004 An XML schema defines the structure of the elements and attributes in an XML document.For an XML document to be valid based on an XML schema, the XML document has to be validated against the XML schema.This tutorial explains the procedure of validating an XML document with an XML schema.

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The Xerces2-j parser may be obtained from the Xerces2-j page.Extract the Xerces-J-bin.2.5.0(for Windows) or Xerces-J-bin.2.5.0gz (for Unix) files to the installation directory of your choice.Add private class Validator extends Default Handler { public boolean validation Error = false; public SAXParse Exception sax Parse Exception = null; public void error(SAXParse Exception exception) throws SAXException { validation Error = true; sax Parse Exception = exception; } public void fatal Error(SAXParse Exception exception) throws SAXException { validation Error = true; sax Parse Exception=exception; } public void warning(SAXParse Exception exception) throws SAXException { } }Attribute( " Language", " Attribute( " Source", Schema Url);, using the JAXP parser.For an XML document to be based on an XML schema, the XML document is required to be validated with the schema.An XML schema is a description of a type of XML document, typically expressed in terms of constraints on the structure and content of documents of that type, above and beyond the basic syntactical constraints imposed by XML itself.

These constraints are generally expressed using some combination of grammatical rules governing the order of elements, Boolean predicates that the content must satisfy, data types governing the content of elements and attributes, and more specialized rules such as uniqueness and referential integrity constraints.There are languages developed specifically to express XML schemas.The Document Type Definition (DTD) language, which is native to the XML specification, is a schema language that is of relatively limited capability, but that also has other uses in XML aside from the expression of schemas.Two more expressive XML schema languages in widespread use are XML Schema (with a capital S) and RELAX NG.The mechanism for associating an XML document with a schema varies according to the schema language.The association may be achieved via markup within the XML document itself, or via some external means.