Infopath updating the site content type failed

On the side when I’m not doing Share Point development, I help recycle/repurpose old computers for donation or for friends and family.I discovered some facts and a quick fix to make sure that Windows Update works.Facts about Windows Update on a Windows (7) machine joined to a domain with a GPO configured to set all clients to get Windows Updates from a WSUS server: While you can always manually check online for windows updates, setting that value to zero (0) will allow Windows Update to automatically check for updates based on the schedule defined in its settings.

And as workflow logic complexity increases, it also becomes more error prone.

Besides creating lots of extra log entries scattered throughout my workflows, I stumbled upon a clever idea to get alerted when an error occurs.

In a nutshell, what it involves is creating an alert based on a workflow status.

When a workflow is created, a new column is created that allows you to monitor a workflow’s status. Here’s a recipe for how to get alerts on event errors: Recently I added some email notification workflows to a Share Point Custom List to send out status updates each time an item’s status is updated.

While the default display of this column is a link to the workflow status page (also where you can find the log entries), the workflow status also corresponds to a numerical Event Type code. No rocket science here, as far as designing the workflow in SPD.

However, I did run into one glitch: the end users receiving the email notifications were getting two emails at a time.After some extensive searching on Google/Bing, here are some articles I found that were helpful, but none of them were thorough enough to help me, being that I have limited knowledge of Power Shell and syntax of Share Point PS commands.What I found out is that each Share Point list has Event Receivers to monitor additions/deletions/changes to list items.Using PS commands, I was able to get a list of these Event Receivers (see image for sample of what kind of the output from Power Shell) I used script examples from each of those links and ran PS commands directly from front end of my Share Point 2010 server with the Share Point 2010 Management Shell.First few commands were just to get my Share Point site and store some variables.The key bit of info I needed was the $sp List in question, which was my custom list with the workflow triggering twice: But I had no idea how the lists were enumerated, so now comes a little bit of trial-and-error.