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Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite online job search sites, and today we're back with the most popular answers.

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In addition to its job search and resume posting tools, Monster also offers career advice, a beta tool for researching companies, and more.From the sound of our call for contenders post, many of you have secured or been offered jobs through Monster.Linked In is a social networking site along the lines of Facebook with an emphasis on building a work-related network.Launched in 2003, Linked In quickly became a popular destination for workers looking to build their professional relationships.While Linked In isn't primarily a job search destination, the idea is simple enough: People get jobs from their professional network, so rather than digging through enormous search databases when you're looking for work, your Linked In network becomes an excellent resource for connecting with people in your field who know where you might be able to get good work.

Along with Monster, Career Builder is the oldest job search site on the list (founded in 1995).Also like Monster, Career Builder's pages boast millions of job postings, hundreds of thousands of employers on the hunt for potential employees, and a whole lot more.Although many commenters have secured jobs from both Monster and Career Builder, others have also commented on receiving a fair amount of spam "opportunities" from them as well.Hot Jobs is another age-old job search engine that first started in 1996 (under another name), went through a few other changes, and was eventually purchased by Yahoo in 2002.Hot Jobs is a traditional job search engine cut from a similar cloth as Monster or Career Builder.When you head to Hot Jobs, you're searching a giant database of jobs.