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SUZUKI ENERGY website is handled by Muskat projects Group.

SUZUKI ENERGY Brand Name is registered in Israel Ministry of Justice, in Madrid Protocol which include all European countries and the USA.

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Our second aim is to find the solution for the current market demands as hearing aid and power bank.Our current line of products is wide range of different quality batteries, give the right solution for any need.Our professional team always checks market demands and customer needs and use best technology, design and techniques to increase products quality and enlarge our product line in world batteries field.If you have not found our required product, we invite you to contact us and we will do our best to find the best solution for you.Muskat Projects The Suzuki trade mark is managed by very experienced team in international projects.

The group activity is to establish international Brands in the legal, production and marketing way.

The group just ended 5 years similar project of Pioneer Power Tools in Israel and worldwide.

Registration of the Trade Mark in Israel and worldwide.

Find out distributor to penetrate the products into Israeli Market.

Find out 48 factories in different countries that manufacturer power tools in private label as subcontractors.

Develop power tools range of 68 different products (all meets European, USA and Australia standards).