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Recently I saw an article online that made me roll my eyes … and then feel an odd kinship with, of all people, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Apparently the fashionista/movie star has been the recipient of many barbs from the British press recently because of her complaints about the men of jolly ol' England. "British people don't seem to ask each other out on dates," she complained.

It seems that while she was in the land of tea and scones doing a summer stint on the London stage, she was asked on a mere two dates. Considering how long it would take for me and most of my single Christian girlfriends to be asked on two dates, I thought, Dear Gwynie, the Brits have got nothing on Christians.

In fact, just this past weekend I was chatting with my friend Margaret about how seldom she and I and nearly all our single Christian sisters seem to get asked out.

If it was just one or a couple of us experiencing a dry spell, I could understand.

But when so many of the vibrant, put-together, intelligent, God-fearing, reasonably attractive single women I know spend nearly all of their Friday and Saturday nights for practically years on end hanging out with each other — not always by choice — I've got to think maybe this is a trend.In fact, a recent poll on the Singles Channel revealed that 54 percent of you (both males and females) haven't been on a date in more than two years.Yes, I know there's more to life than dating and marriage.And anyone who's read even a handful of my columns knows I advocate creating a whole, fulfilling, God-honoring single life, not one where we're just sitting around waiting for Mr. Still, this trend intrigues and slightly troubles me.Sure, there are some obvious reasons Christians date less often than our non-Christian counterparts.For example, when non-believers go on a date the big question seems to be whether or not they'll end up in bed together; believers (at least those past a certain age) go on a date wondering if at some point we'll wind up getting married.