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This is where dating websites come into the equation.

Arab dating websites have played a key role in allowing those seeking an Arab partner, find one.

These dating websites unite and welcome anyone with an Arab background from around the world, whether they be from the UAE, Middle East, Asia, Africa or Europe.

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The most popular websites out there today are with 870,000 visits per month, followed by with 750,000 visits per mouth and thirdly with 520,000 monthly visitors.Image Gretchen Mahan via Flickr The Arab matchmaking sites out there on the internet generally follow more formal terms and conditions and registration procedures than their non-Arab counterparts, as family opinions are also taken into consideration.For example ordinary ‘requirements’ for a perfect match may consider, which country, age, class and religious beliefs in order to find the perfect match to introduce to mum and dad.– William Shakespeare In every culture, not just the Arab culture, you get to a certain age where the common question a family member (usually an aunt) will ask you is, ‘have you found anyone yet?’ Historically in Arab culture arranged marriages were just how things were.

Parents found an eligible bachelor or lady for their child and that was that, no questions asked.

This was the person that you would marry, get along with, have a family and to whom you would remain faithful for the rest of your life.

Indeed, it could be said that this method of finding love saves a lot of time, effort and heartache.

Image damo199 via Flickr When my grandparents and parents got married, arranged marriages in Morocco were still very much the norm, but as the modern age is slowly rendering many religious and cultural traditions somewhat archaic and as Arabic culture starts to assimilate many aspects of Western culture, arranged marriages are slowly becoming obsolete. However, it is shunned upon by elders in the family, so usually if you are dating, it is kept a secret until the eligible bachelor has asked your parents for your hand, and the blessing is given.

That is when you are officially a couple…and engaged.

Like every culture, the Arab culture is aware that as long as society continues to evolve and modernise, then so will it.