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I have a theory when it comes to the social media landscape and how it will change in the future.

I am going to be brave and share my theory with you today.

Some people may agree with me, but others may blow my theory out of the water, but here goes….

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I owned a Recruitment Agency back then and I needed to find a way to survive a very tough recession where no-one was recruiting staff.

In fact, companies were doing the opposite and making redundancies.

Agencies around me were going bust, so I had to look at new ways of marketing my jobs and services, but at the same time keep costs as low as possible, otherwise I would be in the same boat as other local recruiters. I remember having Facebook, Twitter and even Linked In blocked on the server so that no-one could not access them.

I wanted my staff to do “real work” and not mess around on Facebook (which is funny considering what I do for a living nowadays).

Ultimately the staff did find ways of communicating with their mates.

We saw the launch of MSM messenger which could be accessed on a mobile phone etc.

I was fighting a loosing battle, it was time to embrace social media.

If I take you back in history we can start to see some signs that will point us in the direction of what is going to happen in the future.

Perhaps you remember Friends Reunited (showing my age? We all flocked here to see our old school friends and find out what they were up too.

Then came My Space (August 2003), which was the first introduction to a social media platform for many of us.

This was the start of the social media epidemic that we now know was a real revolution. School kids, college and university students are very active on social media, but what on earth do they talk about?