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Also they may be confirmed be a many-to-many or one-to-many chat room.

Announcement (12/17/13): Sadly, support for Multi Cam has been discontinued.This page will remain intact to enable legacy uses of Multi Cam to continue, especially for research purposes.However, the Multi Cam software is increasingly likely to be incompatible with newer software, such as Windows 8 and recent versions of Skype.It may be possible to continue using Multi Cam on Windows 7 with older versions of Skype, such as version click on the link to install it; you will probably also need to disable automatic updates within Skype, via Tools|Options|Advanced|Automatic updates.

And an update from August 2014: Multi Cam user Kev Lawrence tells me that version is now working with Multi Cam. What other software has features similar to Multi Cam's? Does Multi Cam work with other video chat programs?

Many thanks to Kev for this useful information.) Why has support for Multi Cam been discontinued? Multi Cam tells me "This program is running with administrator privileges, and Skype will therefore refuse to connect to it." How can I fix this problem?

The primary reason is that the code requires substantial maintenance to keep up with changes in Windows and Skype, and the resources to continue this maintenance are not available. Multi Cam is a free and open-source software program that lets you easily use multiple cameras during a Skype video chat.

Impending changes in the Skype Desktop API represent a particularly large challenge in this regard. You can switch between cameras with a single keystroke or mouse click, you can view all cameras simultaneously in a single window, and the person you're speaking with can also switch between your cameras. As you can see, a standard approach is to use one or two cameras trained on individual participants or objects of interest (such as a baby).

Thanks to all Multi Cam users for their support and feedback! In addition, it can be useful to have a camera surveying the whole room, as in the 3-camera setup on the right, where a camera on top of the TV screen performs this role.

Although it has not happened yet, I still hope that the existence of Multi Cam and similar utilities will persuade video chat vendors to provide more flexible built-in multi-camera support. The people on the other end of the chat in this particular 3-camera setup can opt to see all three camera views simultaneously, as in the following screenshot: But the participants in the Skype chat don't have to watch all the cameras at once.