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From what I read at the FAA drone registration site they are still putting a process in place for commercial licensing.If that is the case, then what of all the drone operators currently doing videos for real estate or at weddings and other events? This availability of affordable easy to fly drones with FPV added is a recipe for diaster for the indusrty when coupled with irresponsible and inexperienced operators. Those who use drones responsibly will have no problem with being regulated by the FAA.My understanding is that they are all breaking the law! You can't make money with your drone unless you want to risk heavy fines or jail time? Common sense is apparently NOT common when it comes to drone use. This is a free country yet the FAA can force citizens to pay to register their drone?And while this is not much just wait, in a few years the cost will be .I am all for getting motor vehicles registered a car/truck/boats but this is different and the fee covers the cost of roads or keeping waterways safe, allegedly, even though roads never seem to be repaired nor waterways patrolled.

Nevertheless, I don't see what benefit drone opperators will recieve from registering.Aside from the government taking more of our money and sticking that money into their pockets.It is expected that millions of Drones will be sold this holiday season, so the government has decided to cash in the public enthusiasm and charge only the law abiding citizens a registration fee because we all know that those that plan to do anything unlawful will not do this.Thank God we have such great thinkers in our government, as they will always find a way to rip off the populace and line thier pockets. As above, I never did get my confirming emails (20 hours later).By the way who is registering all the birds that weigh in this range that cause more issues at airports than the drones do? I hit the "forgot password" button and DID receive an email to reset; I did that and was still locked out of any account using either of the email accounts.I was also told that the number UFO sightings by Pilots is drastically down but the increase in Drone sightings are up. "Mandatory is not part of the constution of this republic" I willnot be dictated to by any public service department-agencie oversteping there authority without my permission. Tried two different unrelated email accounts but never got the confirming emails (checked spam, not there either) over an hour after submitting. Tried a different device (iphone) but it now says that I can't log in. Since the FAA in its infinite wisdom has now locked out both of my usual email addresses I set up a gmail address and tried again from scratch.