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She is voiced by Karin Takahashi (高橋花林 Takahashi Karin).Full of negativity and terrified of everything in the world, Nono is halfhearted about her decision to become an idol.She has considered discontinuing her idol career, but stops herself when she panics about all of the bad things that could happen if she quits.She admittedly has feelings for the Producer, but is always unable to voice this opinion.However, it’s through the Producer’s encouragement that she gains the strength to continue. When she trusts the Producer, she specifically hides under his desk for protection.

For a while, it seemed in the tie-in comics that Nono was becoming more outgoing and confident, though she kept her generally displeased expression.

Then, a Yonkoma featuring her in a squirrel costume revealed that she's putting a lot of effort in faking to become normal.

While Nono is too afraid to make close friends, she has appeared often with both Mirei Hayasaka and Syoko Hoshi.

Nono also appears to have a catch phrase: "Though I'd rather ________." The blank is filled in with something safe and opposite of what she's doing.

For example: be at home, hide under the bed, avoid crowds, etc. auu..." Affection Max Out Comment: "Maybe, if work gets harder from now on... That's why Producer-san will definitely stay with me. " Leader Comment: "Pl-, please don't look..." Greeting: "Auu...

In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Nono is clearly terrified of everything, and isn’t even able to complete her introduction by herself. Even if I want to go home..." Greeting: "Even if I want to live a quiet life..." Greeting: "Hey, hey, let's stop doing this... ah, I can't..." Work Complete: "What do you think I should do with this outfit...