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Direct Deposit / ACH (USA) 20$, Domestic Wire Transfer (USA) 100$, Check in the Mail (USA and Canada) 20$, International Wire Transfer 1000$, International Check in the Mail (UK and Australia) 100$, Payoneer 20$ Software I've been working on MFC for about 3 months. I would like too if they have apps and bots like chaturbate. I can be naked, teasing, dancig, dress off or use Ohmibod. I recommend this for new girls; charge for friend adds right away.

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I suggest donĀ“t focus all your energy on this site. You only your new model label for so long, and if you don't utilize that time to its fullest effect, youre going to have one hell of a time trying to get it back up.As soon as i start broadcasting viewers are flooding in I started out fully clothed sitting so guys tip me to get me to undress, stand up, bend over etc :p I've only cammed on there for a few hours a night but if I spent more time on there id definitely make more money... I give traffic 3 stars because though it is DEFINITELY there, if you don't have a high cs (and even if you do lol), the majority of them are cheap or freeloaders.If you are a beginner cam girl I recommend this site as it is not to complicated to set up and the viewers are super friendly :p Software I was trying work on MFC 3 times and never get luck with this site. Most paying traffic goes to the top girls & it seems stay that way because of the scoring system. I wanted so bad, to get nude and do cum shows, but never got my goal, not once. (from day one on Streamate and Chaturbate I made my goal easily, so that told me a lot when after almost 4 months for trying on MFC I never got close) I got tired of the Skype questions from guys who didn't even know me. Will keep it up for the future if I change my mind to split cam with CB, but even when I watch other models split camming CB and MFC they make much more tips from CB. Software My Free Cams is not a good site for beginner camgirls, imho. You need to LOTS of research (I'm talking months & months at least in my experience lol) and keep up with what's fresh in the community. I try and try to talk, ask for tips to get nude and they would silently sit there. I had a beautiful profile made by Max, The Oathtaker. I just hate begging for tokens, and I don't have that problem on CB.

I don't think these guys ever check out other rooms. 9 out of 10 guys that came into my room would immediately ask about Skype or bark an order with no tip. So many times I've have a couple dozen premiums who would never say a word to me. Software You will have traffic on this website, but it's really hard to rely on it because you might have a whale or two. ALso I found out that guys recorded my free chat shows and uploaded them on other sites. Oh and there were Always guys that kept me chatting forever in PM and never tipped a token..annoying! I do believe that the top 100 girls have caught all the whales, and the whale are loyal to only them. However free chat nudity isn't for me so I quit after a couple of months. As other reviews have said, it's not good for beginners, but if you're confident and friendly, you may like it and do better than me. No online support which is bad, but they do seems to answer to emails. I think this is one of the best camsites out there. If you are ok with being recorded and you want to make a money in a relatively easy way it might be for you. I got good net and laptop, so I keep it 'for luck' and sometimes I get it My camscore in a big big..say, trouble. Traffic is great if you dont fuck up your camscore..also are really nice and its easy to make regulars. If u not into open chat shows u have nothing to do there. If u do open shows - yes If u don't - no Software This is the very first camsite I worked on.