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I would sneak and put on my moms hose when she was at work. Facebook group at Come meet & share new Leg Styles, and get the latest on new happening! control high waist nude pantyhose at JCPenny's, I was beginning to be bummed out because Target is going to stop carrying them, I searched on line and found them at JCPenny's, I am so very happy, I ordered 3 more pairs from Penny's, I am so excited that Penny's still carries... being put on clearance at Target, the Hanes firm support nude high waist pantyhose that I love so much are less than what I paid for them so I ordered 5 more pairs on line at the discounted price so bummed that they won't be carried at Target any more, at least I have a... The amazing thing is how few of the girls notice what I'm wearing. If you love wearing pantyhose, then you might enjoy a video online that gives some pretty good hosiery advice for crossdressers and transgendered women.

when i got my drivers license i could go and buy my own but i still hide them in my room. I just spent 0 on my ultimate most favorite pantyhose, I am crazy about and addicted to Hanes power shapers high waist firm control nude pantyhose, when my orders come in I will have 19 pairs hoarded away in my stash, I have to stop ordering them, I think they will soon be... Not sure why exactly, but I am waaayyyy past trying to figure why. The video comes from a company called Stepping Out Secrets ( and they specialize in helping... my problem is my wife has a big problem with me wearing pantyhose.

It is like Christmas, when I get a new pair in the mail. I'd love foreplay in them together and to feel her touching me through them only to have her treat them open to devour what's inside. Its all started after a tromboflebitis and some lung embolisms, so medics recommended me to wear compression pantyhose to prevent more embolisms. Well, I am presently wearing my Wolford Satin Touch 20 pantyhose as I lounge about my bedroom before I get ready for work. A day without pantyhose is a bad day in my opinion. I'm smooth from nose to toes and love the way ph feel on my freshly shaven legs. I think I want a woman who shares my love for pantyhose to put some on me and rub me all over. But I think it really does enhance the look of your legs and when I feel that silky feeling going up my legs it really does feel right. They get to touchy pantyhosed legs if they behave and if they are really good they might get to lick my pantyhosed legs or even... My current gf loves the way my legs look and feel in them. Walking the dogs, doing chores AND especially for sex And when I dominant a submissive or bottom. If you are going to wear them you must shave your legs. My gf at the time suggested that I wear ph for warmth in the winter, now I wear them every day.Get a beautiful, sheer leg for any occasion with L’eggs Pantyhose in Size Q.

The Suntan pantyhose were designed with a medium support leg, sheer toe and sheer panty to revitalize your legs.

This Microtoning Action hosiery gently hugs legs for a vibrant, toned feeling.

The fit is flattering and comfortable, giving you a smooth, firm look that you can enjoy all day.

Fits a large size, 4 feet 11 inch to 6 feet tall weighing between 145 and 200 pounds.

Slim down in style and comfort with the No Nonsense Control Top Pantyhose in Tan Size Q2.

These pantyhose trim and flatten your tummy and hips for a flawless look without panty lines.