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“She only talks through her assistants.” Anyway, do you have any problems believing that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t want to talk to “the help”?

But I believe Jennifer is mostly professional, and she doesn’t have to make it all about “The J. Lower-Grade, Insidious Diva: Gwyneth Paltrow – The Patronizing Diva.

She will talk to the help and make eye contact with the help and she’s professional and all of that.

But she will always let you know that you are beneath her, and that she’s only deigning to speak to you because she’s such a generous soul.

Jennifer Lopez and Diddy flashed back to the turn of the Millennium -- when he was Puff Daddy and she was not Jenny From the Block yet -- and partied after the AMAs as if they were still dating.

Clearly there are no hard feelings between the exes who looked like they had a blast at J Lo's after-party.

They've come a long way since ending their relationship 16 years ago ...

when Diddy got booked for a weapons violation after that NYC nightclub shooting. Jennifer's current guy, Casper Smart, was there too ...

I do think that Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are leaving a lot of disgruntled and pissy former fans in their wake as Jennifer’s tour continues to roll through Europe and the Middle East. Proving that the down-to-earth Jenny From The Block is ancient history, the singer reportedly pulled a hissy fit on board a United Airlines flight when a flight attendant innocently offered her a drink in first class, the new issue of Star magazine exclusively reveals. Lo denies – and another source who has worked with the 43-year-old star confirmed that Jen doesn’t lower herself to speak to the help.

But here’s further evidence: While it won’t surprise most people to learn that Jennifer Lopez is a demanding diva, her latest mid-air antics will shock even the most loyal of followers! She turned her head away and told her personal assistant, ‘Please tell him I’d like a Diet Coke and lime,’” the flight attendant told Star. It was sad, she seems so sweet in her movies.” As Radar previously reported, earlier this month German newspaper Bild reported that the former American Idol judge had a hotel maid fired for daring to ask for an autograph – something that J.

I’m sure it’s because of preconditioned sexism etc.

“She doesn’t speak to salespeople, restaurant or hotel staff – or flight attendants,” the insider told Star.