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Make sure to put some extra effort in it, it will attract extra visitors to your web-page.

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Meta tags are added to the While technically not a meta tag, this tag is often used together with the "description".The contents of this tag are generally shown as the title in search results (and of course in the user's browser).More information These meta tags can control the behavior of search engine crawling and indexing.This tag make sure your page will not remain in the cache of the computer of your visitor.It's useful if the content of the page regularly changes, e.g. Another variant is the so called window target: This is a specific tag that provides you the possibility to add a value to the pictures on your website, e.g. PICS = Platform for Internet Content Selection Click here for more information about this standard Another variant is the so called refresh value: The number "30" is the number of seconds and pages/is the page your customer will be redirected to.

You may add this http-equiv= tag to all of your web-pages, so not only in the first index page.Make sure that on every page relevant metatags are added.Add keywords and phrases that are relevant and correspond to the text and the language on that specific page.It might be a lot of work to add specific metatags to each page but you will notice in time that it works!We suggest that you use the http-equiv meta-tags in your or page.Than in all other important pages and last but not least in all the pages of your website.