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From comedian David Coulier to actor Ryan Reynolds, Alanis Morissette has had her share of high profile breakups in the past.

"I was even a little scared thinking, 'Oh, God, I'm going to be going into territories that are outside of my jurisdiction and outside of my comfort zone if I hang out with this person.You remind me of a composite of my whole family and this will get really interesting and really challenging and really beautiful,'" she says.Watch Alanis Morissette's full "Super Soul Sunday" interview on OWN this Sunday, Sept. ET, when it also streams worldwide on Oprah.com, Facebook.com/owntv and Facebook.com/supersoulsunday.Ryan Reynolds is doubling up on his chances at the box office this weekend, playing both a dead cop and a speed-racing snail. We've seen Reynolds as a superhero, a chubby teen, and even a jerk frat guy who never graduates, but do we really know anything about the actor? In Dream Works' "Turbo," Reynolds is downsized to an animated garden snail who gets to race in the Indy 500.

D.," Reynolds and Jeff Bridges play a pair of undead cops working to protect the living from evil spirits.To get you ready for your Ryan Reynolds-filled movie weekend we've collected a handful of fun facts you may not have known about the popular actor.1.Reynolds has been afraid of flying since he went skydiving and his parachute failed to open at the first attempt.So while playing the Green Lantern was definitely a challenge, he was able to face his fear through repetition."By the forth or fifth day of doing it you kinda start to get used to it."2. He attended Kwantlen College for a few months before leaving to pursue his acting career.4.It feels like most actors were the stars of their high school drama class (you know the type).