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Town & Country, MO Owner: Laura Ortmann and Jeffrey Evenson Salon Today - Salon of the Year Grand Prize Winner 2012 Salon owners Laura Ortmann and Jeffrey Evenson describe the design style of their new location as "Couth Industrial Gallery".

The salon is designed in a Yin/Yang motif, with one side featuring black flooring and decor, while the opposite side relies on white elements.

Contemporary art is hung high, making the ceiling appear even taller, thus creating a gallery feel and added splashes of vibrant colors.

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Located along the Ohio Riverfront and servicing all of the Greater Cincinnati area, SOTO now employs 16 styling stations with the capacity for an additional 10 stations.

The contemporary look also includes a Cafe Corner, Color Bar, Blow-Out and Braid Bar, Brow Bar, Custom designed private service suite, and a complete Spa experience from nails to make up and massage therapy.

Woodmere, OH Owner: Dino Palmieri The multi-talented Dino Palmieri is not only a stylist himself, but also the president of a residential and commercial building company, Palmieri Builders.

These two callings give him a unique perspective on both the function of salons and the architecture behind them.

With his dual talents, Palmieri envisions both sides of the business to create salons that unite performance and design.

Chicago, IL Owner: Laura Boton Salon Today - Salon of the Year 2012 - Salon of Distinction With four locations and over 19 years serving the Chicago area, the new Sine Qua Non - West Town location is called "eclectic funky modern with a twist." San Antonio, TX Owner: Sid Biranth & Poonam Biranth Boeau Belle Salon and Spa is a welcoming oasis, where your body is revitalized in total comfort.

Enter a luxurious sanctuary of head to toe experiences.

“All I can say is WOW, Magnificent, Amazing and Bravo! Thank You for including me in your grand re-opening evening.

Looking forward to coming in and experiencing the salon in full action. ” ~ Julie Raleigh “As a personal trainer I can’t employ many of the traditional tactics – pretty dresses, makeup, etc – to remedy an ugly day and still be taken seriously by my clients.

Instead maintaining the “healthy look” is essential, which clearly includes nice silky strands on top. She amped up my highlights just enough to look saavy, but not sketchy, and the use of several colors it blends well like a Monet painting.

She also recommended the Brazilian straightening treatment, which has cut my styling time by about 90%.