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Having family that is involved in the real estate business sparked her interest in the industry.

This was all great training for making the professional move into residential real estate sales and rentals in New York.Sarah's passion and enthusiasm for real estate have only grown.Her favorite part of her job is positively impacting clients' lives by finding them homes they love.Sarah's main mission is to provide every buyer, seller, and renter with the full-service attention they deserve.She is known for her exceptional ability to understand her clients' needs.

She sets her focus on finding exactly the right property, as quickly and painlessly as possible, for each particular client.

Client satisfaction is her number one priority, and she doesn't consider a job complete until she has met if not exceeded her clients' expectations.

Sarah also has a skill set particularly suited to New York's dynamic, fast-paced and ever-changing sales and rental markets.

She can shift gears quickly while maintaining a laser-sharp focus, and she works decisively and efficiently without sacrificing complete thoroughness.

Since entering the real estate field, Sarah has continually stayed abreast of changes, developments, and trends in the industry.

It is this level of knowledge that helps her give her clients the best service possible.