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Yes, many people comment on the special intimacy of anal sex.Maybe this is because it’s an area that’s normally hidden and usually doesn’t get seen or touched.

First, the HIV crisis brought the topic into the daily news.Second, there’s a greater acceptance of gay people in our society today.Third, couples are hungry for new ways to spice up their sex life.kevinhildebrand: I’ve tried engaging in anal sex but find it quite painful. Pain is usually a sign that the anal sphincter muscles are not relaxed. I’m a fan of inserting the finger into the anus every day in the shower and taking a few deep breaths.You’ll feel two ring-like sphincter muscles: one right at the anal opening, and one maybe half an inch in.

The inner sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system that controls involuntary functions, and that is where a lot of us store stress, tension and fear.Remember that the rectum is not a straight tube; it has a couple of curves.Certain positions help to straighten out those curves: any position that puts the legs at right angles to the body tends to straighten out the rectum, e.g.doggie style, side by side spooning or the receiver sitting over the partner.Some people like anal sex with their legs up in the air.watto: Discounting the STD factor, and assuming that the two partners are monogamous, is there any danger associated with internal ejaculation during anal intercourse? But I get letters from guys around the world — straight guys — and they say, “I really like anal stimulation, but my wife or girlfriend freaks out when I mention it.