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Back to top What the College Board says about SAT exams: "It's fair to everyone." "The questions are rigorously researched and tested to make sure students from all backgrounds have an equal chance to do well." "Students who do well in the classroom are often the same ones who will do well on the SAT." The SAT tests are totally unfair to many students.

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Yet female students perform better in college (and high school) than their male counterparts.This shows that there is something systemically wrong with the tests.Despite the College Board's claims, these tests don't predict college performance.If they did, wouldn't females do better on the tests?Obviously they would, but they don't because the tests are biased towards males.

Moral of the story: If you are female, you are at a disadvantage because the tests are stacked against you. Moral of the story: If your first language isn't English you are at a huge disadvantage.

Students whose first language is not English must take the test in English and are not given any additional time to read or answer the questions. The ACT scores are also biased toward wealthy students.

There is a direct correlation between a family's income and the ACT tests score.

What's most troubling about the ACT test is that many four-year colleges in the Mid-West and South use the scores to determine scholarships.

Moral of the story: The wealthiest students get the most scholarship money.

Both say that their tests are not coachable, that those who can afford to pay for test prep classes or hire expensive tutors don't have an advantage over those students who can't afford prep classes.