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The wonderful Clarisse Thorn has posted another excellent analysis of the construction of the male “creep”, this time sent to her by an unnamed correspondent.

Unfortunately it’s buried in a comment on her blog, and so is unlikely to get as much attention as it deserves.

Rather, what is being described here are prevailing attitudes, in the view of the writer.) What is an asshole, in the way a woman might say it about a man? That his performance might have been affected by the fact that he was shitting bricks throughout the approach probably never occurs to her. It’s like, the creep should know that he doesn’t deserve to presume interest. Like my adolescent sense of misfit, he should know that he didn’t deserve any better than to take any comer. Because the man isn’t going to think he doesn’t deserve to make the approach, of course.

Perhaps a man who is otherwise popular-enough, well-liked-enough, attractive-enough, socially-competent-enough, who presumes interest. A man who is popular-enough, well-liked-enough, attractive-enough, socially-competent-enough, who presumes interest about a woman who in fact may be interested. And I think this is why men are so insulted when they think they are making an appropriate approach to a woman, and get called a creep.

And the woman acknowledges that another place, another time, another woman, might be willing to say yes. It’s like, they may be perfectly willing to get called an asshole.

But they resent “creep” because that means the woman calling him a creep is saying that no woman at all would ever be interested. He ought to have known he didn’t deserve to cross out of misfit-dom, to end up in creep-dom.

This takes privilege to a whole new level of female entitlement.

It’s not that the woman doesn’t want anyone to approach her. She just doesn’t want to deal with the consequence of her high value in the sexual market-place, namely that she has to reject unsuitable prospects. And if to meet that demand, less desirable men have to foreclose any possibility of achieving dating/sexual success of their own, she feels entitled to that too.I wonder how much of the hostility directed toward the Seduction Community is predicated upon this idea that these men do not deserve to be approaching women. that include the "cumming" action, and those images say that i must cum on myself ecc... This is a collection of "fap roulette" images collected mostly from 4chan. Since the traditional method of rolling (Post ID) is impossible here, I suggest finding a random number generator, or using the one in the sidebar of this blog, and using that to create a roll to play with.Sissy Spacek "Roulette" [White 7"] Joseph Hammer参加!!ロサンゼルスの ギャラリーClaimed Responsibili. Side A has four start points with concentrically cut grooves, on. Complete this roulette task 3 separate times, post your resul. Find a Sissy Spacek - Roulette first pressing or reissue. Sissy Roulette is the daughter of Bobo Roulette and Diva Du Brock.